Just a little about ourselves – so you can get to know us better

Anna B - Monday, October 10, 2016

Thought it might be nice to share some background information about the company sexy summerstrip and what makes it a reputable company when booking strippers perth

Sexy Summerstrip has been operating and supplying  Western Australia and Perth sexy female strippers for about 20 years, with the current female  owner running it for approximately eleven and half years . Sexy Summerstrip is Perth based and owned.  A lot of our clients have been booking through Sexy Summerstrip for all these years. We feel that both us and our clients have been fortunate to have met each other and our sexy strippers have been attending a large number of their events for many years. These events include bucks parties ,work functions , football functions, rugby events ,soccer celebrations……, hockey , cricket clubs and many other sporting and social club events including some great pub funtions.

In that time there has been many of our gorgeous girls that have made an impact on the industry and the guys of Western Australia. The sexy female strippers of Perth have modelled, featured in calendars such as wet n wild, appeared on TV and also in commercials. Quite a range of achievements, don’t you think?

These stunning ladies have featured in many magazines like Ralph, Zoo , FHM Iron Mag, Oz Bikes , Live to Ride , Men at Work, People, Picture , Penthouse, Playboy just to name a few. And let’s not forget the countless awards and competitions these beautiful strippers have won and competed in. Some examples are: Miss Down Under ,Miss Hardcore , Miss Nude , Miss Erotica , Best Breasts in the West, Golden G-String , Dynamic Duo  and of course Sexpo Showgirl. There are many more, too many to mention but I’m sure you get the idea of quality of our girls.

The Perth Female Strippers and beautiful models here at Sexy Summerstrip have also devoted their time and money to help raise money for various charities and fund raising events all around Western Australia. We make a contribution in so many different ways.  

Great Night

Anna B - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A few weeks ago some of the lucky strippers got to work for one of our most amazing clients. The client wishes to remain anonymous, he’s been a loyal client and has been booking our Perth Strippers of Sexy Summer Strip since 2007. He is thoughtful, kind and generous so our girls love it when they get the opportunity to spend time with him. The six lovely ladies that were chosen had been looking forward to the event for weeks including the girl that always works for him since that first amazing booking in 2007. She obviously made a great impression that he continued to book her at every opportunity.

The six gorgeous Perth Female Strippers were asked to dress classy and to wear very high end style lingerie. The thoughtful client had thought of everything to ensure the night was a fantastic success and our ladies were extremely well looked after.  Every tiny detail had been thought of including where the girls were to park their cars so they didn’t have to worry about walking to get to the venue. The venue itself left our sexy female strippers speechless as it was out of this world to say the least.

 Upon arrival the Perth Female Strippers of Summer Strip were greeted with expensive champagne and the finest scotch wine and cigars. Then the guests started to arrive. They were dressed in their finest suits, wonderful ties and they truly looked amazing. The drinks were flowing and the conversations were some of the most intelligent and funny that our female strippers had engaged in for a while. It was a nice change for some of the girls. Whatever the girls asked for they got, from endless amounts of cocktails to food, drinks and more of the same. It was almost like being at the playboy mansion, the girls had such a good time that they didn’t want to leave. On this occasion, our girls didn’t feel like they were working, it didn’t feel like a job, it was a stunning evening and all our sexy girls are looking forward to the next booking with this lovely and thoughtful man.

AFL Grand Final Week – it’s coming!

Anna B - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

At last spring is here and the weather starts to get warmer.  The year is flying by and as we get towards the last few months of 2016, we are fast approaching Footy Grand Final week with all it’s customary celebrations. The Grand Final is on Sat October the 1st. For Perth Strippers it is one of the busiest days of the year.

The guys get together at a place of their choice. Whether it is at someone’s house, apartment, workshop, workplace, boat (that’s always wonderful!), local football or social club, our Female Strippers always get a great audience to work with. The guys have everything decked out, they usually have one or more large TVs set up around the place, on many occasions big screens are set up for Grand Final Day. It doesn’t even matter if their team is not even playing in the grand final, they all come together for that big one day.  

The Female Strippers of Perth, our girls, will walk around bringing you cold beers and drinks so the guys never miss a moment of the game. Our girls can get totally run off their feet as the day usually starts, sometimes as early as 9am and working right through the night as the celebrations carry on. Our Sexy Strippers appreciate when they are offered a cold drink and place to rest, even if it’s just for a few minues.

The AFL Grand Final has become entrenched in the Australian culture here in the West so whether it’s the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October, our girls now they’ll be busy and are looking forward to be part of these iconic celebrations.

It’s never too early to start booking Perth Female Strippers and we have already started taking bookings for this day. This is one of our busiest days of the year so guys, it’s a good idea to book now! We don’t want you to miss out on one of our gorgeous strippers. We want to be there with you, to keep your drinks topped up and so you don’t have to leave the excitement of the big game. Sometimes the scores can be so close that you don’t want to miss a second of it. Regardless of how close the game is going to be, we want to be there with you for a day full of fun and entertainment.

Sexy Strippers Hairdressers

Anna B - Monday, August 15, 2016
We are happy to announce here at Sexy Summer Strip that a number of our Perth strippers are qualified hairdressers, so we can now offer skimpy and topless haircuts in the convience  of your own home or workplace. Just think how wonderful it’s going to be when you have a beer or wine in your hand, you are laid back in the chair feeling relaxed and one of our gorgeous girls is updating your hair style with either trim or cut  or a new style. 
Can you imagine how great you’ll feel with one of our sexy skimpy or topless hairdressesrs?
Here are some top tips to get you started
Sit down and discuss with our hairdressers what you hope to achieve, feel free to show them pictures and the sort of style you want and you can even ask our Perth sexy strippers their advice.
If you already have your hair styled, just let our skimpy and topless hairdressers know so they can keep the same style as you like.
It’s best to book an appointment with our Perth female strippers as there are only a few that are qualified hairdressers. So book early so you won’t be disappointed.
Our Perth strippers who are qualified hairdressers have cut loads of different haircuts so you can feel at ease. You are going to have a great new haircut with a gorgeous skimpy or topless it just does not get much better than that.
For pricing and appointments, please phone us here at Sexy Summer strip  and we will be ever so happy to help you out xxxx

What is it that most men really love about perth strippers?

Anna B - Thursday, August 04, 2016
They like the girls to look gorgeous, nice bodies, boobs big or small (most are just happy to see a set of boobs), nice tan, gorgeous lingerie (the girls love wearing them), manicured nails, hands and feet  and beautifully styled hair. They really love eye contact and show that you are really interested in what they are saying; some will even pour their heart out about their life, their work and their problems so it’s important to engage in conversation and look them directly in the eye. 
They also really love the strippers in perth to be down to earth, not stuck up or snobby. What really excites them is when the strippers smell really nice they always comment on certain perfumes. They also love to be offered a drink, usually a beer or spirit sometimes, even a shot to get the party started without having to ask. 
Most of them are also interested in the lives of the perth female strippers , they ask if they are studying, have another job, where they grew up and even if they have families or pets where they grew up. They also want to know what sort of car they drive, if they are saving and spending their money wisely  and even where they have travelled.  Sometimes they share travel stories as more than often they’ve travelled to the same places so they share their adventures and stories.
They even like to hear if strippers go to gym or what it is they do to keep fit. Is it going to the gym or is it the dancing these girls do? Or is she a stripper that is genetically blessed and does absolutely nothing to have a fantastic body? If so, what a lucky girl! So most of the above is what men really love about the sexy female strippers perth.

Keeping customers happy when booking Sexy Female Strippers in Perth

Anna B - Monday, May 09, 2016

Last night’s 10pm phone call followed by two follow up phone calls today inspired me to write today’s blog.

This is what the caller said: ‘We booked elsewhere a month ago and were told two days before the party that all the girls we chose were not available and the girls offered instead, we were not happy with. Can you help ?’

My answer was: ‘Of course I can!’

I gave the customer a selection of our female strippers and he chose 2, only to find out later that the ‘other place’ is refusing to give back the deposit he’d already paid.

I advised him that if you pay a deposit and for whatever reason the chosen girls can’t do the job (even if they had retired or don’t even live in the state anymore, as we latter found out was the issue here), you are stuck with the deposit paid and on most occasions you don’t get your money back. This is written somewhere in the fine print on their website where it states that they don’t guarantee that the girl you choose is the girl who will actually turn up.

This can really be a bummer, you select  the girl and are looking forward to having her part of the celebration, only to find out when it’s too late that the chosen girl is not the one who’s going to turn up.

Of course, the girls can get sick or have something unexpected happen which causes them to become unavailable at the last moment. We all understand that! However our belief is that if the customer is not happy with the selection of girls then the deposit should be refunded. We believe that the customer should be happy with his Perth Stripper selection.

So my advice is ‘guys/girls, please do your research and read the fine print before selecting a stripper and ask questions prior to booking!’

Here are some great tips that will help.

Make sure the stripper company is based and owned in Perth. Ask this right upfront as it’s important for many reasons. You want to make sure you are dealing with a person who has actually met the girls and knows how this industry is run in this state. Of course the added bonus is you will be supporting local a business that is dedicated to provide the customer great service and sexy female strippers.

Make sure the company has been around for a while and has a good reputation! The ones that keep screwing over the clients don’t generally last long.

Are they willing to do their upmost to ensure the booking process and the entire night goes smoothly? Ask them how they ensure this happens and how they will be of service apart from providing you with a Sexy Perth Female Stripper.

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