Great Night

Anna B - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A few weeks ago some of the lucky strippers got to work for one of our most amazing clients. The client wishes to remain anonymous, he’s been a loyal client and has been booking our Perth Strippers of Sexy Summer Strip since 2007. He is thoughtful, kind and generous so our girls love it when they get the opportunity to spend time with him. The six lovely ladies that were chosen had been looking forward to the event for weeks including the girl that always works for him since that first amazing booking in 2007. She obviously made a great impression that he continued to book her at every opportunity.

The six gorgeous Perth Female Strippers were asked to dress classy and to wear very high end style lingerie. The thoughtful client had thought of everything to ensure the night was a fantastic success and our ladies were extremely well looked after.  Every tiny detail had been thought of including where the girls were to park their cars so they didn’t have to worry about walking to get to the venue. The venue itself left our sexy female strippers speechless as it was out of this world to say the least.

 Upon arrival the Perth Female Strippers of Summer Strip were greeted with expensive champagne and the finest scotch wine and cigars. Then the guests started to arrive. They were dressed in their finest suits, wonderful ties and they truly looked amazing. The drinks were flowing and the conversations were some of the most intelligent and funny that our female strippers had engaged in for a while. It was a nice change for some of the girls. Whatever the girls asked for they got, from endless amounts of cocktails to food, drinks and more of the same. It was almost like being at the playboy mansion, the girls had such a good time that they didn’t want to leave. On this occasion, our girls didn’t feel like they were working, it didn’t feel like a job, it was a stunning evening and all our sexy girls are looking forward to the next booking with this lovely and thoughtful man.

AFL Grand Final Week – it’s coming!

Anna B - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

At last spring is here and the weather starts to get warmer.  The year is flying by and as we get towards the last few months of 2016, we are fast approaching Footy Grand Final week with all it’s customary celebrations. The Grand Final is on Sat October the 1st. For Perth Strippers it is one of the busiest days of the year.

The guys get together at a place of their choice. Whether it is at someone’s house, apartment, workshop, workplace, boat (that’s always wonderful!), local football or social club, our Female Strippers always get a great audience to work with. The guys have everything decked out, they usually have one or more large TVs set up around the place, on many occasions big screens are set up for Grand Final Day. It doesn’t even matter if their team is not even playing in the grand final, they all come together for that big one day.  

The Female Strippers of Perth, our girls, will walk around bringing you cold beers and drinks so the guys never miss a moment of the game. Our girls can get totally run off their feet as the day usually starts, sometimes as early as 9am and working right through the night as the celebrations carry on. Our Sexy Strippers appreciate when they are offered a cold drink and place to rest, even if it’s just for a few minues.

The AFL Grand Final has become entrenched in the Australian culture here in the West so whether it’s the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October, our girls now they’ll be busy and are looking forward to be part of these iconic celebrations.

It’s never too early to start booking Perth Female Strippers and we have already started taking bookings for this day. This is one of our busiest days of the year so guys, it’s a good idea to book now! We don’t want you to miss out on one of our gorgeous strippers. We want to be there with you, to keep your drinks topped up and so you don’t have to leave the excitement of the big game. Sometimes the scores can be so close that you don’t want to miss a second of it. Regardless of how close the game is going to be, we want to be there with you for a day full of fun and entertainment.

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