Exciting Drinking Games

Anna B - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Here are 3 Drinking games that Female Strippers Perth can help with. All you guys need is a deck of cards.

Game 1 - Jacks

Props - deck of cards and an empty glass

Shuffle the cards in full view and hold them out to the person on your right. He picks a card.

If it’s any other card than a jack he is safe and the next person chooses. The first person who picks a jack pours some of their drink into an empty glass. The second third and fourth people who draw a jack do the same. Once all four jacks have been drawn the next person who draws a picture card has to down the ‘cocktail.

Game 2 - Aces

Another drinking card games Perth Strippers can help with is aces

Props - a deck of cards

Deal a card to each player in turn face up. The person who is dealt the first ace chooses a drink (the nastier the better) which he must immediately announce to the group. The Sexy Strippers continue dealing the cards to each player in turn, the person who gets the 2nd ace has to pay for the drink that was chosen by the first ace player.  We continue dealing,  the person who is dealt the 3rd ace has to go and get the drink

The person dealt the 4th and obviously the last ace has to down the drink in one.

Game 3 - Higher or lower

Props - some playing cards, the groom

The strippers help everyone in the group selects a card at random except the groom who has two. Now the groom shows his card and has to guess whether the card held by the person on his right is higher or lower. If he guesses correctly the other player has to drink or you can line up shots. If he guesses incorrectly he has to take a drink. If the cards are the same value they both have to have a drink.


Just a little about ourselves – so you can get to know us better

Anna B - Monday, October 10, 2016

Thought it might be nice to share some background information about the company sexy summerstrip and what makes it a reputable company when booking strippers perth

Sexy Summerstrip has been operating and supplying  Western Australia and Perth sexy female strippers for about 20 years, with the current female  owner running it for approximately eleven and half years . Sexy Summerstrip is Perth based and owned.  A lot of our clients have been booking through Sexy Summerstrip for all these years. We feel that both us and our clients have been fortunate to have met each other and our sexy strippers have been attending a large number of their events for many years. These events include bucks parties ,work functions , football functions, rugby events ,soccer celebrations……, hockey , cricket clubs and many other sporting and social club events including some great pub funtions.

In that time there has been many of our gorgeous girls that have made an impact on the industry and the guys of Western Australia. The sexy female strippers of Perth have modelled, featured in calendars such as wet n wild, appeared on TV and also in commercials. Quite a range of achievements, don’t you think?

These stunning ladies have featured in many magazines like Ralph, Zoo , FHM Iron Mag, Oz Bikes , Live to Ride , Men at Work, People, Picture , Penthouse, Playboy just to name a few. And let’s not forget the countless awards and competitions these beautiful strippers have won and competed in. Some examples are: Miss Down Under ,Miss Hardcore , Miss Nude , Miss Erotica , Best Breasts in the West, Golden G-String , Dynamic Duo  and of course Sexpo Showgirl. There are many more, too many to mention but I’m sure you get the idea of quality of our girls.

The Perth Female Strippers and beautiful models here at Sexy Summerstrip have also devoted their time and money to help raise money for various charities and fund raising events all around Western Australia. We make a contribution in so many different ways.  

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